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The Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) is a workshop-based program given for two and a half hours, once per week for six weeks in the community setting. Participants are adults experiencing chronic health conditions such as hypertension, arthritis, heart disease, stroke, lung disease, and diabetes. Their family members, friends and caregivers can also participate. Workshops are facilitated by trained leaders who are also living with chronic diseases themselves.

The program provides information and teaches practical skills on managing chronic health problems. The CDSMP gives people the confidence and motivation they need to manage the challenges of living with a chronic health condition.

The overall goal is to enable participants to build self-confidence to assume a major role maintaining their health and managing their chronic health conditions. The CDSMP focuses on problems common to individuals suffering from chronic diseases. Coping strategies such as action planning and feedback, behavior modeling, problem-solving techniques, and decision making are applicable to all chronic diseases.

Individuals are taught to control their symptoms through:

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Managing sleep, fatigue, pain, and frustration

  • Using medications correctly

  • Exercise to maintain and improve strength, flexibility, and endurance

  • Communication with health providers, family, and friends

Contact Information

Contact Information for Living Well in Idaho Workshops:

Friends in Action--Boise area

Stephanie Bender-Kitz


Elmore Medical Center--Mountain Home

Brad Weirsma
208-587-8401 x261

Madison County--Rexburg

Brenda Franson