Addressing the present and future needs of older Idahoans

Board of Commissioners

The Idaho Commission on Aging (ICOA) is a state government agency under the oversight of the Executive Office of the Governor. The ICOA was originally created in 1968 as the Idaho Office on Aging with a 17-member advisory council to administer federally funded programs under the Older Americans Act (OAA) of 1965, as amended, and state-funded services for older Idahoans. In 1995, legislation was adopted to change the name to the Idaho Commission on Aging and replace the council with a 7-member commission appointed by the Governor to a 4 year term, not to exceed 2 terms.

Board of Commissioners

Area I - Carey Spears

Phone: (208) 610-8096 Email:

Area II - David Pankey

Phone: (208) 743-3095 Email:

Area III - Lorraine Marie Elfering

Phone: (208) 965-4793 Email:

Area IV - David Maestas

Phone: (208) 421-5886 Email:

Area V - Sharon Sturm

Phone: (208) 782-3098 Email:

Area VI - Coleen Erickson (Chair)

Phone: (208) 754-4292 Email:

At Large - Victor Watson

Phone: (208) 957-6000 Email: