Phenylpiracetam for Motivation and Memory

Bring on the new year with Phenylpiracetam, Phenylpiracetam has a interesting history, it was initially produced and sold as “Phenotropyl” and was developed in Russia in the early 1990’s. It was originally designed during the space age race where it was to be given to the military and astronauts initially to improve their work aptitude.

Over the years its benefits have seeped into the world of athletics and it was thus banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency as a performance enhancing agent (improved tolerance to cold weather and acted as a stimulant). It is also referred to as Fonturacetam or 4-phenylpiracetam.

What is it’s Mechanism of Action?

It is derived from its parent compound Piracetam but with the additional of a benzene ring (phenyl) which supposedly potentiates its effects much more than piracetam could alone. It contains two enantiomers, R- & S-. The first is used or provides anti convulsant or helps with epileptic fits or other convulsions.

The later is the one we are interested in as it provides phenylpiracetam the ability to improve memory, muscle strength, motor coordination and acts as a anti depressant by working on GABA and dopamine among other receptors.

It’s own studies claim it “increases data transfer between the different hemisphere’s in the brain”, “improves mood” and has a positive effect on metabolism and increases “brain energy”.

Stacking Phenylpiracetam to Avoid Side Effects

Many users have found Phenylpiracetam to work best with choline’s such as choline bitartrate and citicoline to reduce any headaches. It also works best when Phenylpiracetam is stacked with other drugs for long term benefits such as Ashwagandha, and Bacopa Monnieri.

In the long term this drug has a low negative side effects profile though you could feel dependency issues from lack of mental energy when not actively supplementing.

Anecdotal Evidence from someone that used a Outcome Tracker
3 Months there was mood improvement, reduces stress at 100mg daily dosage taken inthe morning. No tolerance was built up generally and effectiveness remained at 80%. Initial side effects were experienced such as sleeping and mild chest pain. Focus was enhanced when stacked with something similar to Modafinil, or pramiracetam for focus at 300mg dosage.

How Does it Stack Up Against other Compounds in Sprague-Dawley rats?

Present data show that (R)-phenylpiracetam increases motivation, i.e., the work load, which animals are willing to perform to obtain more rewarding food. At the same time consumption of freely available normal food does not increase. Generally this indicates that (R)-phenylpiracetam increase motivation.

The effect of (R)-phenylpiracetam is much stronger than that of methylphenidate and amphetamine

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Adrafinil Review – Does Adrafinil Boost Energy Levels Effectively?

Adrafinil review for anti aging

Adrafinil is a stimulator in its essence. It is a synthetic nootropic and similar to modafinil which boosts concentration of individuals without resulting into hyperactivity. Continue reading for a full review of Adrafinil Below.

What is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil acts as an antecedent to modafinil which means that modafinil levels in your body rise when you take adrafinil. Mostly it is taken by the users in the morning time because if it is taken in the evening, it may cause sleep trouble. Doctors use this drug to treat narcolepsy due to the effect of adrafinil which forces the person to stay awake. In the recent years, many doctors are prescribing modafinil as a substitute to adrafinil as it does not process through liver, unlike adrafinil.

What is Olmifon?

Till the recent times, adrafinil was sold under the brand name of Olmifon but in 2012, it was suddenly discontinued by the manufacturer, Cephalon as it was sold to Teva Pharmaceuticals. It was never sold in the US, but it was a prescribed pharmaceutical drug to the patients of narcolepsy and arousal disorder in France.

Manufacturer of olmifon was asked for the evidence of olmifon’s working by France’s drug administration, the AFSSAPS in 2012. It was originally approved in 1981 in France and marketed till 1985. However, in 2011, French authorities scrutinized the compound closely. The clinical study resulted in showing no benefits to the patients of arousal disorder and alertness in the elderly people.

How does Adrafinil work?

Just like adrafinil, most of the nootropics need research to know more about the working of these agents in the human body. There is no sure shot explanation how does it work but generally it is being taken as a drug which changes into modafinil when enters into the body. The discussion is still open and the jury has not given any final words about the working of adrafinil.

The Safety Profile of Adrafinil:

Adrafinil comes with few side effects and overall is considered to be a safe drug. Long-term use of this drug can cause liver problems but it is not scientifically proven. Furthermore, the World Anti-Dopping Agency (WADA) has banned both adrafinil and modafinil.

Advantages of Adrafinil

It usually is considered to be an energy booster and helping agent to stay awake, in addition, it increases energy and motivation level. It boosts mental faculties, concentration, and performance of a person. People have given multi-colored reviews on the internet about this drug which generally are positive as people feel the enhancement of vision, alertness and focus just like taking a strong dose of caffeine.

How and where to buy Adrafinil?

Olmifon’s production has been stopped and doesn’t seem to continue in the near future. So, if you have to get adrafinil, you can get it online. It is not disapproved by FDA either, so, it may not be seized at the border and can reach you by your supplier. Absorb Health is the only company who is selling it as a 30-day package for $37.49 in the form of 300mg capsules. Users have reported the delivery of the package without any hindrance. To know what the best source to buy adrafinil is at all times look here.